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asset management

Continental Prestige Asset Management (CPAM) is a unique asset management product for Managing Directors, Chief Executives, Directors, and Managers of companies interested in high yield and safety of funds. It is a wealth management product design to ensure our High Net Worth client secure the value of their investment after hard work.
Continental Fixed Income offers opportunities for individuals and institutions to get high returns on invested funds for a specific period. It offers a range of investment periods and guaranteed interest rates. It gives attractive interest rates above Bank of Ghana Treasury Bill rates.
Continental Welfare Asset Management is a distinct investment account for individuals who want to invest monies but will do so through monthly standing orders or post-dated cheques. The rational is for want of building up cash for projects in future.
Continental Capital Limited provides a tailored financial advisory services and asset management solutions to institutional clients. We offer a comprehensive range of schemes in both traditional and alternative investments, personalized to meet the specific needs of our institutional clients to maximize investment returns.

Continental Capital also provides provident fund management service to institutional clients to guarantee the security and value of the investment. Our portfolio management methodology relies on unique combination of thorough quantitative analysis and fundamental judgments to provide value to our esteemed clients.

Continental Capital provides a sound voluntary investment service for both salary earners and the informal sectors. The aim is to improve the savings culture of salary earners and people at the non-formal sector to guarantee better living conditions in future.
“Save for your ward’s future with our best super kids’ investment service”. Continental Capital provides the needed partnership with Parents/Guardians to guarantee the education of their children. Continental Super Kid Account provides Investment opportunities for Parents/Guardians to set aside investment for their children up to the age of 18 years. The Investment is designed to meet young savers’ dream for a better tomorrow.